Celestial Mound

the Celestial Mound is a religious worship site of the “Followers of the Light”

The Queen of Heaven
the One True Goddess

Holy symbol: Sun Flower

Most temples resemble coastal light houses, long hall with a beckon tower opposite the main entry


  1. Keepers of the Light
  2. the Thunderous Choir
  3. Sisters of the Flame
  4. Last Sentinels
  5. Night Watch
  6. Cold
  7. the Inquisitional Seekers of Truth
  8. Missionaries

The Queens Angelic Court:
Sa-Ma-Tha: Angel of Death

  • Black Raven Wings
  • Shadowy w/ starlit eyes
    Elwin : Angel of Justice & Retribution
  • Crimson Hawk Wings
    Brunhilda: Angel of Honor & Valor
  • Gold Eagle Wings
    Tristan: Angel of Mercy & Redemption.
  • Silver Owl Wings
    Kara: Angel of Peace.
  • White Dove Wings

the Celestial Twins.

  • A Son & Daughter fathered by a mortal man
    Her son carries the Solar Disk & her daughter the Lunar.

Before there was time all was fog & mist the lady of Light wandered its swirling abyss. In her travels she found seven elemental fiends that claimed to be her older siblings.

The Chaos of Darkness
The Fires of Destruction
The Shock of Death
Omega Stone
The Tree of Knowledge
Guardian (frost)
Shadow Jumper (wind)

The seven lied to her & tried too trick her out of her rightful place as queen of heaven. She realized their betrayal & inturn tricked these Seven False Siblings into Holding up the heavens, separating it above the earth, trapping them eternally as pillars.

She travels the heavens daily & traverses the underworld nightly searching the darkness for souls worthy of redemption (reincarnation)

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